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Building Management SystemsBuilding Management Systems

BMS Solutions

A Building Management System (BMS) uses a combination of technologies to modify the the environment and functions of a building – usually a large office block, factory or other industrial, retail or public sector premises.

A BMS provides automation, alerting, reporting and control capability, so that buildings and facilities managers can regulate and measure multiple systems within the building from a central point.

What can a Building Management System do?

A BMS can perform several functions – for example:

Controlling climate and environment:

  • heating and ventilation – regulating multiple heat or power sources
  • air conditioning systems
  • lighting – using sensors to optimise the use of artificial light
  • automated shutters and blinds – regulating solar heat gain (eg in large south-facing glazed areas)

Measuring & reporting:

  • temperature
  • water level
  • fuel levels

Alerting & responding:

  • alerting key staff (by email, SMS etc) when fire or burglar alarms are triggered
  • minimising fire spread by isolating areas within the building
  • managing a CCTV or security system and reporting breaches

Managing costs with Building Management Systems

A BMS regulates systems to ensure the most cost-effective use of energy and resources to provide the optimum conditions for the equipment, materials and people who use the building.

It can respond to the presence of people when controlling the climate and lighting, and can maximise cost-efficiency by metering usage for accurate cross-charging and re-billing in multi-tenant or multi-departmental situations.

By automating common tasks such as meter reading, system testing and reporting, a BMS can free up man-hours and provide a better service. Providing a well managed environment for your staff and clients can improve morale and efficiency, and help you to plan preventative maintenance to reduce outages and downtime.

Controlling your Building Management System

A BMS typically brings together multiple systems into a single console for a building or facility manager. One format would be a visualisation solution – typically a screen or website showing the active state of all the various plant and environmental services used [read more about Visualisation systems here...]

Building Management System Solutions from Keiba

As with all our solutions, we support you as your independent, dedicated consultants, working with you to fully understand your target usage, and the needs of the people who will operate the system. We specify the best solution for the job and use off-the-shelf or custom technologies or techniques to create the ideal system for you.

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These terms and technologies may be used, hopefully our guide will help you make sense of them.