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Multi-Heat Source Control

Controlling the temperature in an indoor space often requires the management of a number of different sources of heat, taking into account ventilation issues and other factors which can vary according to how the space is being used at different times. Your heating requirements may alter as machinery switches on and off, or the number of people using the enclosed space varies.

How Keiba can help

We will advise you of the measures to take and what you should consider when you need to control and balance multiple heat sources to achieve the optimum ambient temperature in any given space, such as:

  • managing multiple sources of heat in your domestic or commercial space (for example heat pumps, machinery or equipment, and less controllable sources like wood burning stoves, open fires, and AGAs)
  • setting up a control system to regulate the heat output against the demand
  • using the cheapest form of heat available at any given time
  • avoiding over-supply (making sure radiators are not on full when a stove is burning)
  • managing the transfer of excess heat from a secondary source around the building via ventilation ducting (if installed)
  • on a new building project, climate control should be considered as early as possible in the planning process, involving all the heating and ventilation installers and contractors

Working with you

We begin by assessing the building or structure in question, looking at the existing installed heating and ventilation systems, and identifying secondary sources of heat or cooling within the environment. We then advise you which solutions we feel would best meet your needs, and provide a fully costed proposal for the supply and installation of a controllable system.

If you can’t stand the heat...

When we are too hot or too cold, we rarely function at our best either physically or mentally. We find it hard to concentrate, and fell tension in our minds as well as our muscles. Living and working in a controlled climate at a ‘comfortable’ temperature makes us more at ease with ourselves and our environment.

Machines and equipment also have an optimum temperature range within which they perform most efficiently, and beyond which they are likely to malfunction. Producing too much heat can be costly too, as it is wasted when vented into the outside air, or requires cooling by an air conditioning system.

As with Goldilocks’ porridge, the best results are achieved by getting the temperature ‘just right’!

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