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Hager – the Company

Hager is an independent family-owned company with 20 production sites in 11 countries and a leading provider of solutions and services relating to electrical systems in residential and commercial properties.

Hager Products & Services

  • Combined automation and electrical distribution boards (including the Invicta 3 range)
  • Lighting and heating control solutions including KNX based devices
  • Electrical auxiliary devices for handling variable load types
  • Full range of protection devices
  • Single Pole 6kA 30mA RCBO's
  • Single Pole 10kA 30mA RCBO's

Why Keiba recommends Hager...

In the UK, Hager has a well-established R&D team and the global resource dedicated to meeting its company goal: to add value to peoples’ lives and their buildings through smart, eco-efficient and energy-saving solutions and services.

They have become our default choice for many electrical components, thanks to their:

  • Solid build quality
  • Installer-friendly design and layout
  • Consistent branding
  • Accessible and clear technical documentation

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